Officers and Advisors


Natalie Clark

Position: President
Email:  nmclark2 (at)

Bio-Sketch: I earned my B.S. in Mathematics from the University of Richmond in May of 2013 and obtained my Ph.D. in Biomathematics from North Carolina State University in July of 2018. I joined ISU as a postdoc in February of 2019 in the lab of Dr. Justin Walley in Plant Pathology and Microbiology. My work involves integrating genomic, proteomic, and metabolomic data into predictive networks of gene and protein regulation in maize. Outside of the lab, I am passionate about teaching younger generations about math and science and have fully completed the Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) program, obtaining the highest designation of PFF scholar. I am also determined to push for equity, diversity, and inclusivity in STEM fields and academia as a whole. Towards this goal, I have spent the last year as the postdoc representative for the University Committee on Women and Gender Equity (UCW) and as a member of the PDA executive board.


Arpa Ghosh

Position: Vice President
Email: arpa (at)

Bio-Sketch: Arpa works as a Postdoc Research Associate at the Bioeconomy Institute to find new green and sustainable pathways to make renewable fuels and chemicals. She received her PhD in Chemical Engineering in 2018 from Iowa State and worked at Intel Corporation before joining back here. Her past research was focused on making biofuel precursor sugars from waste biomass using solvent liquefaction. Prior to being a Cyclone, she completed her Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Chemical Engineering from India. She enjoyed serving as an officer in various student organization including GradSWE, Chemical Engineering Graduate Society, and Sankalp at Iowa State during her PhD program. Besides, she loves music, theater and films, photography.

Adam Mullis

Position: Treasurer
Email: asmullis (at)

Bio-Sketch: I am Adam Mullis, a postdoc in Balaji Narasimhan’s lab in CBE. I am finishing up experiments from my PhD in his lab, where I studied nanoparticles that improve antibiotic drug performance. We discovered interesting design relationships to create new, improved therapies against potential bioweapons. My career goal is to become a faculty member at a University. 

Niladri Gomes

Position: Secretary
Email: niladri (at)

Bio-Sketch: Hi, I am Niladri!  I work as a postdoc research associate in Ames Laboratory, where we develop algorithms for state-of-the-art quantum computers intended to solve exponentially hard problems. Exponentially hard problems are those, which cannot be solved using the modern-day supercomputers that exist commercially. My past training in physics brought me to my current research.  I finished my undergraduate degree in India and came to the United States to pursue Ph.D. in theoretical physics. After completing the degree from the University of Arizona, I went to New York to work for a software development group. After a short stay in Korea, I moved to Ames in 2020. I believe I work for humankind, so I care about human rights. I like interacting with a diverse group of people, learning about their culture and society. I also like hiking.  

Cassandra Stambuk

Position: IT coordinator
Email: cstambuk (at)

Bio-Sketch: Cassandra Stambuk is a Postdoc Research Associate in the Department of Animal Science. She is part of Dr. Johnson’s laboratory group where she is involved in teaching, research, and extension focusing on animal welfare and behavior. She earned her PhD in Animal Science from Cornell University and her BS in Animal Science from Auburn University. Her doctorate research was on dairy cattle genetics of lameness, an interest which stemmed from her personal experience with lameness in her own horses. Her education has allowed her to travel across the US and gain experience and knowledge in multiple livestock species (beef, dairy, swine, and poultry). Her career interests are in animal welfare, particularly lameness, behavior, enrichment, and utilizing genetics as a tool for animal welfare. Other interests include riding horses, volunteering at ARL, spending time with family and friends, and traveling.

Chamari Wijesooriya

Position: Graduate Council Representative
Email: chamariw (at)

Bio-Sketch: Chamari Wijesooriya is a post-doctoral research associate in the Department of Chemistry. She received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka, and received her master’s degree from Sam Houston State University, Texas. She earned her Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from ISU in 2019 and has been a postdoc since then. Her work involves developing fluorescent-based techniques to measure the protein dynamics on mammalian cell membranes and evaluating fluorescent-based probes for biological applications.

Amro Hashish

Position: College Representative
Email: hashish (at)

Bio-Sketch: Amro Hashish is a post-doctoral research associate in the Department of Veterinary Diagnostic and Production Animal Medicine, College of Veterinary Medicine. His work is focused on the use of a wide range of molecular assays – ranging from qPCR, Sanger sequencing, Second and third-generation sequencing techniques - in the diagnosis and detection of poultry diseases. Also, he is working on the application of molecular epidemiology for the tracing of bacterial and viral pathogens of avian species. Right now, he is working in Dr. El-Gazzar’s lab in developing, customizing, and standardizing the MinION nanopore sequencing platform for the real-time detection of avian infectious agents. Prior to joining Iowa State University, he completed his DVM from Suez Canal University, Egypt. His Master and PhD are focusing on Veterinary Virology.  Besides his work, he loves to play soccer, chess, and reading.

Yuderka Trinidad Gonzalez

Position: University Committee for Women and Gender Equity Representative
Email: yuderkat (at)

Bio-Sketch: I am a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Civil Construction and Environmental Engineering department from Iowa State University. I joined Iowa State University in 2015 as a Fulbright Scholar pursuing a master’s degree in geotechnical engineering. I graduated from my Ph.D. studies by the end of May 2020. My research work was done with Dr. Vern Schaefer focused on Geotechnical engineering. I come from the Dominican Republic, where I earned an undergraduate degree in Civil engineering in 2009 at the Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo. After graduation, I worked for two years at Guillen Rosa as a design engineer focusing primarily on foundations and structural design. Subsequently, I worked as a construction engineer at ODEBRECHT for five years, where my responsibilities were concentrated in bridge construction (superstructure and foundation) and offshore foundation construction.  Currently, I am working in my postdoc to later transition into academia. 

Christine Foxx

Position: Social Activities Manager
Email: cfoxx (at)

Bio-Sketch: Christine works as a postdoctoral research associate in the lab of Dr. Iddo Friedberg in the Department of Veterinary Microbiology & Preventive Medicine. She received her PhD in Integrative Physiology from the University of Colorado Boulder in August 2020 studying the interactions between stress coping behaviors, expression of serotonergic genes in the dorsal raphe nucleus, and the microbial ecology of the mouse gut. Prior to that, Christine received her MS from the University of Northern Colorado and her BS from Seattle University. She enjoys board games, semi-competitive bar trivia, beer tastings, hiking, and binge-watching TV shows with her husband, Zac, and miniature dachshund, Reuben.


William Graves

Position: ISUPDA Advisor; Dean of Graduate College
Email: graves (at)

Bio-Sketch: Bill Graves was raised in a suburb of Chicago and completed bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Iowa State University and the doctorate at Purdue University. Bill took his initial faculty position at the University of Maryland. In 1992, Bill returned to Iowa State University, where he teaches undergraduate and graduate classes. Bill is working with a team of researchers to develop sustainable alternatives to conventional plastics used in horticultural industries. He also studies the ecology, physiology, propagation, and genetics of rare plants and biological nitrogen fixation of trees and shrubs. For over a decade, Bill directed the graduate programs in horticulture at Iowa State University, and he was appointed associate dean of the university’s Graduate College in 2010. Bill and his colleagues have taught a graduate course for many years on the preparation of manuscripts for submission to refereed scientific journals, and Bill is co-author of a related book, Getting Published in the Life Sciences [John Wiley and Sons, 2011]. Bill has been privileged to hold sabbatical appointments at the University of Delaware and Stanford University to pursue his research. He’s received a Diversity Enhancement Award and the Margaret Ellen White Award for advising graduate students from Iowa State University, and the Norman J. Coleman Award for outstanding research from the American Nursery and Landscape Association.

Misty Treanor

Position: ISUPDA Advisor; Postdoctoral Coordinator, Graduate College
Email: mcarder (at)

Bio-Sketch: I am the Postdoctoral Coordinator in the Graduate College at Iowa State University.  My academic background is that I received my undergraduate degree from Rockhurst University in Kansas City, MO and received my master’s degree from Des Moines University in Des Moines, IA. I switched from research to administrative work and I have enjoyed this move because of the people that I get to work with and represent on a daily basis.  Being raised in a small town in southern Illinois, I love the St. Louis Cardinals and I try to make it down to a game at least once a year.  Other interests of mine include bicycling with my family and enjoying time with my husband, our son, and our pets.  We have 1 cat and 2 dogs and I call it our “mini zoo” for fun.

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